Q. Are you part of a commercial networking organisation?
A. No, we are a totally independent organisation set up by local businesses.

Q. Being local do you only allow members from Leighton Buzzard / Linslade?
A. Membership is open to business from the surrounding villages, Houghton Regis, Dunstable and Milton Keynes.

Q. You state you are a non profit making organisation but does any of the committee members get paid?
A. All committee members give their time freely to the group.

Q. How do you support your chosen charity?
A. It depends on the charities needs but these can include: members giving their skills free of charge, fund raising events, taking part in street collections, donating surplus funds, etc.

Q. Why meet weekly?
A. We believe that in order to recommend a business to a client / family member / friend we have to know and trust them. By meeting weekly we build knowledge of each others business, develop trust and loyalty.

Q. Do I have to attend every week?
A. We require representation of your business 3 out of 4 meetings. As it is a company membership you can send someone else from you company. You can also send a substitute who could be from another company, family member or friend.

Q. I am a sole trader and occasionally would find it difficult to find a substitute, what happens then?
A. A list of local businesses who are willing to act as substitutes will be made available to all members.

Q. Are there any restrictions to the type of businesses who can join?
A. We only allow 1 business from each business type to avoid conflict of interest.

Q. Do you offer training as part of the membership?
A. No. However, we can arrange discounted training to members. Members can put forward their training needs; the leadership team then negotiates discounted fees with a training provider. (Subject to conditions).

Any further questions please contact the Leadership Team leadership@lbconnect.co.uk

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