Doubling your rewards at LB Connect

Farzana Kharawala of SF Digital was the chair for LB Connect’s weekly meeting on Friday 18th September.

Farzana Kharawala of SF Digital Studio.

Farzana from SF Digital at LB Connect Busines Networking

Farzana’s Thought for the Day was to get us to ask ourselves how we behave within our business regarding sales – do we chase down every job for the immediate resulting sale value, or are we happy to work a little harder to get double the reward at a later date? Farzana used a reference to a study back in the 1970s, which asked children to resist eating their favourite treat from marshmallows to biscuits. Some were able to wait 15 minutes in which case they were rewarded with double the treat, but others could barely wait 30 seconds! It was later proven that those children that waited had far better exam results. So which type of business are you?!

Instead of our regular speaker slot this week, members were able to have an open discussion for ideas regarding the next annual business networking opportunity. As a group LB Connect are always looking at ways of creating dynamic business relationships and go far beyond just the weekly meeting. There were lots of exciting new ideas, so watch this space for further updates.

LB Connect are holding their first fundraising event for this year’s nominated charity, Kid Out – a Curry & Quiz Night. No doubt members are sharpening up their general knowledge to see who wins!

A big THANK YOU AND WELL DONE was given to Chris Figg and his fellow cyclist for the charity bike ride.
They raised a total of £385.00 for Kids In Action.  This will be added to the other events completed plus the forthcoming quiz night and bowling to be presented to them at the LB Connect 5th birthday celebrations on 2nd October.

The thank you for shared and referred business this week was £2,131.00

Septembers running total is now £5,802.80

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