Build on the bricks

Sue Stokes of Stokes Chimneys and Gardens was the chair for this weeks meeting.

Sue gave the group the following Thought For the Day “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him”. (David Brinkley)

In business we can make our selves and business more successful by learning from & using comments made by others.

The presentation was by Steve Goodall of IJG Solutions.

Steve gave the group an overview of the different types of data storage available to them before giving details of the services offered by IJG.

These include; Office 365 – email and cloud storage; wireless installations and upgrades; virus removal; malware removal; new and refurbished computers; repairs and upgrades; file recovery; hard disk destruction; email setup & recovery; network installation & router installation & setup.

They also offer a number of support plans to suit any business: Remote Assistance Plan (RAP); Office365 Assistance Plan (OAP); Network Area Storage Plan (NASP) and Preventative Maintenance Plan (PMP).

For more details of what IJG offers contact IJG Solutions

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