Bob Chandler LB Connect member

Bob Speaks Buddha at LB Connect

This week’s Leighton Buzzard network meeting Bob Chandler of Hascat Safety chaired our weekly meeting Leighton Buzzard network meeting and started by welcoming Adam from Strawberry Fieldz as a visitor. Bob then gave us this thought for the day; Buddha said: Do not dwell in the past Do not dream of the future Concentrate the […]

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How to Study a Paper

What’s a Research Paper’s Design The Part Of Information Technology In Revenue And Marketing Industry What Is English is considered the language of global intercommunication, and all of us need English permanently for many reasons . Among the most significant complications that many students , educators , writers , hired professionals and dealers experience […]

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Will Lloyd
Accalon Associates

Play Ethic at LB Connect and an awesome total

Will Lloyd, MD of Accalon Associates ‘Chaired’ the weekly Friday morning meeting at LB Connect.  He began by welcoming our guest, Terrie Moore from Leighton-Linslade Partnership Team, before giving his thought for the day which was the “Play Ethic”! Everyone is familiar with the ‘Work Ethic’ as encapsulated in Max Weber’s seminal tome of 1905 […]

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Linking Local Businesses